Aptitude Tests for New Hires

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Aptitude Tests for New Hires

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IAS Training is revolutionizing the training industry with the introduction of its Sales and Sales Managers Aptitude Tests for potential new hires. We have the most up-to-date technologies in professional hiring, sales and sales management training and development. The Aptitude Tests are not psychological profiles, honesty / security profiles, or right / left brain studies.

The Aptitude test will take the guesswork out of hiring. At the very least you will know if they believe customer service is a good idea or that adding-on is a customer service. When hiring, you need to know if you are getting the person with the best chance of success and the willingness to do what you want them to do. Obviously, no one is qualified to work in your store until they have been trained to work in your store, doing things the way you want them done. What are their beliefs when it comes to approaching a customer? What are their beliefs relating to their responsibilities are as a salesperson? All of your questions are answered with the Aptitude Test.

We provide you with the answer sheet so you can do the analysis. If you want us to look at the results and make recommendations, we can do that free of charge. We don't want to replace your test for honesty/security. However, now you can find out if they will have what it takes to be successful when it comes to protecting your most valuable asset: your customers!

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