Employee Handbook / Policy and Procedures Guidelines Kit

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Employee Handbook / Policy and Procedures Guidelines Kit

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Employee Handbook

When each new employee is hired by your organization, there are a number of policies and procedures that he/she will need to know immediately. An employee handbook is, or should be, designed to answer those issues and concerns. Rather than having him/her read an entire policy and procedures manual, a condensed version is appropriate.

The purpose of the employee handbook is not to be a replacement of the policy and procedures manual. It is a scaled down version of the manual to notify the new employee of issues that are in need of vital and immediate attention and/or concern. In addition, the handbook should serve as a method of introducing the employee to the company and welcoming him/her as an important part of the organization. Include a brief history of the company and its future plans, all of which will help welcome the employee into the organization.

Policy & Procedures Manual

The only way any business can grow, whether large or small, is to have a standard and routine system of completing the day-to-day operations of the company. Without a standard and routine system, by which policies and procedures are instituted within a company, the systems are bound to become diluted, thus incapable of being followed and adhered to.

The only way to maintain control and discipline within the structure of a business is to compile policies and procedures so all employees are operating within the same set of rules and guidelines.

A policy and procedures manual is what every business needs to stay organized and efficient. The policy and procedures manual is designed to explain and illustrate any and all tasks (procedures) that the employees may need to know in order to perform his/her job duties and responsibilities. In addition, a policy and procedures manual will provide documentation of important policies that employees need to be aware of and institute within the course of their employment within the company.

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