PMSA Relationship Selling Audio Program

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PMSA Relationship Selling Audio Program

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A live recording of one Brad Huisken's 1-Day sales seminar. Brad will guide you through a full day of Professional Sales Training complete with exercises. The program is segmented to allow for listening and learning at your own pace.

Here's what you will learn:

Sales Philosophy:

  • Four elements to be successful
  • The science of selling and the art that only you add
  • Your most valuable commodity in selling
  • The real goal of a sales presentation

Customer Service Standards:

  • 13 ways to insure exceptional customer service
  • Exchange in abundance
  • How to set yourself apart from all the others


  • Mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Setting goals
  • Your most important statistic
  • How to build your career
  • The 13 keys to communication

Making The Sale:

  • Prospecting - Guaranteeing you have people to talk to
  • Initial contact
    • Establishing trust in you and the company
    • Building a person to person relationship
    • The nine key questions
    • The myth known as qualifying
  • Demonstration
    • Creating value in your products
    • Features, benefits, and more
    • Getting your prospects involved
    • Hearing "I'll take it" more often
  • Closing The Sale
    • Adding on - how, when, what
    • Buying signs - how to recognize them
    • Earning the right close
    • Seven magic closing techniques

Saving The Sale:

  • Objections
    • Uncovering the true objection
    • How to handle the objection
    • Is it price or is it value?
  • References - How and when to use
  • Turning over the sale
    • Why, who, when and how

After The Sale:

  • Solidifying the sale
  • Building your client / referral base
  • Your future - What happens after sale?


  • It is up to you
  • Knowledge is power, if you use it
  • Work for success, not money

Includes 4 CDs and 5 workbooks. Approximately 6.5 hours in length. Extra workbooks can be purchased for $12.50 per workbook.

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