Weekly Sales Training Meeting Series

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Weekly Sales Training Meeting Series

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IAS Training's Weekly Sales Training Meeting Series is customized exclusively for the Jewelry industry. The series is a facilitated course complete with the Weekly Meeting (a five to eight minute multimedia presentation of Brad Huisken conducting your sales training meeting), a Sales Manager's Leader Guide, The Weekly Meeting Agenda, a Participant Worksheet, Attendance Record, and a Notebook to store materials. The Leader's guide will direct your sales manager / trainer through the meeting, giving him/her discussion points, exercises, role-plays and brainstorming topics. Every week after reviewing the CD and the leaders guide, the meeting leader should complete the weekly meeting agenda. The completed meeting agenda should include the topic of the week and any other pertinent information for discussion during that week's meeting. The meeting agenda should then be posted several days prior to the actual meeting. This will enable the salespeople time to think about the topic of the week and to be prepared to participate in the meeting. The group participation in the exercises, discussion points, role-plays and assignments are an important part of the learning process.

We believe this Weekly Meeting Series is the most complete sales training program ever developed when combined with the PMSA Relationship Selling Course. The program's design is to help your people learn, retain, and actually apply the information. This comprehensive program will require a level of commitment, dedication and involvement of your people unprecedented with any other program. However, the results will be well worth the effort.

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