Train The Trainer – Professional Management / Sales Training Package

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Train The Trainer - Professional Management / Sales Training Package

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This package course includes all modules from both the PMSA Relationship Selling Course plus A full day of Professional Sales Management Training.

Each program (sales & Sales Management) Includes 4 DVD’s and 1 workbook. Also includes an additional disk with Sales Management Forms and Documents and the Sales training workbook to print additional copies as needed.

These courses go beyond the basics, combining years of experience and knowledge into effective tools that can help build a confident and effective sales team. This package contains information on disciplined leadership, essential knowledge, and effective training, as well as recommendations for desirable incentives and correct consequences that will help make almost any sales team successful.

The Complete Course Contains:

  • A comprehensive training manual including the renowned PMSA Relationship Retail Sales System and the PSMC Professional Sales Management Program
  • A thorough demonstration of the selling process and how to implement it
  • A complete sales training implementation process
  • An easy-to-understand breakdown of the twenty tips and techniques to successfully train your staff
  • How to hold your staff’s attention; get people involved and wanting to learn more
  • How to get the commitment and desire from your staff to use the information they are being taught
  • How to make training fun and interactive
  • How to unlock the mystery of training people to retain and apply the techniques they learn
  • Games and contests you can use in your store to produce results

Professional Sales Management (Training The Trainer) Topics:

  • Sales Management Philosophy
  • Sixteen Principles of Sales Management
  • Bench Marks of Productivity Improvement
  • Setting Standards – Sales Standards & Customer Service Standards
  • Hiring & Interviewing – Resources For Applicants
  • Accountability
  • Coaching
  • Sales Meetings
  • Training Techniques
  • Sales Games & Contests

PMSA Relationship Selling Course Topics:

Sales Philosophy:

  • Four elements of success
  • The science of selling and the art that only you can provide
  • Your most valuable commodity in selling
  • The real goal of a sales presentation

Customer Service Standards:

  • 13 ways to insure exceptional customer service
  • Exchange in abundance
  • How to set yourself apart from all the others


  • Mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Setting goals
  • Your most important statistic
  • How to build your career
  • The 13 keys to communication

Making The Sale – The Circle of the Sale:

  • Prospecting Clientele
  • Initial contact
  • Establishing trust in you and the company
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Building a person to person relationship
  • How to eliminate the fear people have of you
  • Selling Yourself and the store

Needs Assessment:

  • What questions to ask, when and how
  • How to insure that your customers hear you
  • The seven key questions
  • The myth known as qualifying
  • Insuring that your prospects trust you


  • Creating value in your products
  • Features, benefits, and more
  • Getting your prospects involved
  • Hearing "I'll take it" more often

Closing the Sale:

  • Adding-on – How, when, what
  • Buying signs – How to recognize them
  • Earning the right to close
  • Seven magic closing techniques

Saving The Sale:

  • Objections
    • Uncovering the true objection
    • How to handle the objection
    • Is it price or is it value?
  • References - How and when to use
  • Turning over the sale
    • Why, who, when and how

After The Sale:

  • Solidifying the sale
  • Building your client / referral base
  • Your future - What happens after sale?


  • It is up to you
  • Knowledge is power, if you use it
  • Work for success, not money

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