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Thank you so much for being a part of the great success of our Annual Conference & Expo. Our attendees loved your presentation. Your involvement with the audience really held their attention. Your passion for what you do is so evident. As a meeting planner, it is always a guess, an educated one, but still a guess, as to how a speaker will be received. Thank you so much for making me look so good to my group.

Cindi Williams - Western Home Furnishings Association

brad has spoken for these organizations

  • AIMM - Association of Independent Music Merchants
  • Atlanta Jewelry Show
  • BPAA - Bowling Proprietors Association Of America
  • CLSDA - Collateral Loan & Second Hand Dealers Association
  • Columbus Jewelry Show
  • Dixie Tri-State Pawnbrokers Convention
  • IJL - International Jewelers London
  • IJO - Independent Jewelers Organization
  • JCK - Las Vegas
  • JCK India - AIM 2009
  • JCK Toronto
  • Jewelers of America State Organizations (AL, CT, FL, HI, IA, IL, KS, MN, MO, NC, ND, NE, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, WA, WI)
  • Mid-West Pawnbrokers
  • Middlesex Chamber of Commerce
  • Midwest Jewelers Association
  • NAMM - International Music Products Association
  • NASMD - National Association of School Music Dealers
  • NHFA - National Home Furnishings Association
  • NPA - National Pawnbroker Convention
  • NSRA - National Shoe Retailers Association
  • Nationwide Jewelers - Australia
  • New Balance Shoe Company
  • New York JA Show
  • PAA - Professional Apparel Association
  • PGA - Worldwide Golf Exhibitions
  • RJO - Retail Jewelers Organization
  • South Eastern Pawnbrokers
  • Southern Pawnbrokers Association
  • State Pawnbrokers Associations (OH, WA, OR, TX, MO, FL)
  • The Small Business Advocate - Jim Blasingame
  • WERA - Western English Retailers Association
  • WHFA - Western Home Furnishings Association
  • Yehuda Diamond Company
  • And many more...

The demand for Brad Huisken of IAS Training to speak at Trade Shows and to deliver keynote addresses is high and there are many reasons why. The quality of the content he delivers is unmatched. Brad's sales philosophy, strategies, and techniques are realistic and easy to apply. As a salesperson you can put them into use in your sales presentation right away. As a sales manager you will be able to share this information with your staff and see instant results.

So, what makes Brad's seminars so special? He delivers his message with real-life anecdotes and has a unique sense of humor that keeps the audience entertained and engaged while gaining powerful tools to improve their business. He has spoken at trade shows and events around the world for numerous retail verticals including jewelry, travel, design, shoe, pawnbrokers, sporting goods, clothing and apparel, furniture, and musical instruments.

To see if Brad will be appearing in your area or at an event you plan to attend check out the Upcoming Events section. Also, if you would like to inquire about booking Brad for your event please call Toll Free 1-800-248-7703 or Contact Us.

Public Seminars hosted by IAS Training:

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Topics Brad can cover at your event or Trade Show:

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>> Sales Training

  • Selling Jeopardy Game - new
  • We Canít Wait For Customers - Go Get Them! - new
  • A Salespersonís Three Responsibilities
  • Beyond Giving Hugs - Advanced Customer Service
  • Building Your Personal Trade, Repeat Business and Referral Business
  • Busting the Sales Busters
  • Can You Hear Me Now! - Great Communication Skills
  • Champs Work the Phones
  • The Secret To Effective Clientele Program!
  • Communication - The Key to Maximizing Sales Potential
  • Customer Service Standards
  • Everyone off the Be-Back Bus
  • Focus on the Emotional Side of the Purchase
  • Getting Your Customer to Say, "Iíll Take It"
  • If, "Iím Just Looking" Is the Answer, Change the Question
  • Just Say Yes, Overcoming Objections
  • Maximizing Your Holiday Sales
  • Ready, Set, Close
  • Romancing a Sales Presentation
  • Selling Yourself and Your Store
  • Strategies for Selling Add-ons
  • Teamwork thru Turnovers
  • The Be-Back Bus isnít coming back - Recommended
  • The Four "Cís" Makes You Closer - Control, Confidence, Certainty, & Communication
  • The Invisible Killer Among Us - Lost Sales - Recommended
  • The PMSA Relationship Selling Program - Overview
  • The Real Goal of a Sales Presentation & Customer Profiles
  • The Seven Essential Selling Questions
  • The Truth about Handling Objections & Turning over Sales
  • They Are Looking For You, Not Your Merchandise
  • When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Get Going
  • Build it & they will come - What if they don't!
  • It's not a money issue - It is a value issue!
  • Focus more on the emotion rather than the technical!
  • Karat, Carat or Carrot - Jewelers speak in a foreign language causing customers to say "I'll be back"!
  • Be their "Buddy" in your Industry!


>> Sales Management Training

  • Sales Management Jeopardy Game - new
  • The 5 Silver Bullets of Productivity Improvement - new
  • Non-Negotiable Sales & Customer Service Standards - new
  • Create Your Own Stimulus Package! - new
  • Answering The Question "Whatís In It for Me" - Contests & Incentives for Salespeople
  • Coaching Your Staff to Success
  • Conducting Effective Sales Meetings
  • Give Them Help Not Hell - Effective Sales Management
  • Implementing a Productivity Improvement Program - Recommended
  • Managing In Uncertain Times, Preparing For the Unexpected
  • Proactive Sales Management
  • Recruiting, Hiring, Training and ReTraining Salespeople
  • Sales Contests and Incentives
  • Sales Goals and Accountability
  • Setting Your Sales and Customer Service Standards
  • Sixteen Principles of Sales Management
  • Steps to Take to Maximize Sales in Tough Times (updated) - Recommended
  • The Most Important Statistics in Sales
  • The Numbers Donít Lie - Management through Statistics
  • Training Is Not An Event - Itís A Process
  • Unlocking the Myths of Motivation
  • You Can Take a Horse to Water but You Canít Make Them Drink - Getting Your Salespeople Thirsty Thru Motivation
  • Games Retailers Play & Motivating your staff!


>> Wholesale Vendor Training:

  • What Vendors need to know to help the retailer!
  • True Vendor Partnering
  • We're in this Together


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